“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

Challenges are what drive Ritu. One can describe her as a “Motivated” and “Ambitious” individual who feels sense of immense pride and fulfillment when she sees herself making some positive impact on nascent minds and giving them a career roadmap to tread on. She believes in ‘Ikigai’ - a Japanese word which translates to “reason for being.” According to her, everyone has an Ikigai. She has found hers in counselling and mentoring young minds, thus contributing to their transformation as accomplished and happy adults. Her ultimate objective is to help young students and adults find their Ikigai and enjoy success and happiness in their chosen career or vocation streams.

She strongly believes that the future of mankind depends on youth of today. The conviction and objective with which these young men and women will enter the workforce tomorrow will depend not only on what is taught to them at school but also how they were guided and mentored for being responsible towards their dreams and passions.

At eduCROSSROADS Consulting, she is committed to provide such mentorship and guidance to her clients.

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