Need for Career Counselling

Today, students and their parents are facing a big dilemma of choosing the right path from numerous career and course options available. Immense job opportunities are heard of but when it comes to finding a job, there seems a skill-set mismatch between what the industry demands and what students are equipped with. The fast churn of prospective job seekers and their aspirations have also simultaneously shown an alarming rise in the discontent and disconnect from their passion and life goals. With strong research and technology innovations globally, the impending danger on our environment has also risen. New fields of study are emerging on continuous basis so that the balance can be created between progress and welfare. The job market is extremely volatile and dynamic. New line of work is being developed every single day, thus creating the need for new careers but still holding onto the old ones because they lay the foundation. Amidst this world of uncertainty, Ritu highly recommends students to seek guidance and advice from education and career consultants who will be able to provide them with study and career roadmap based on their interests, aptitude, skill set, academic curve and demands of the industry.